Whilst creating my new portfolio site I thought it would be an interesting experiment to bring all the social medias which I use, or interested me, into a single social graph; a place where I would be able to view, at a glance, what has happened in my life. A bit like a diary of my life but bringing together the unique function of each social media to make the visual more contextual by bringing them ll together to create the whole picture of my life.

Rocket science this is not and Facebook no doubt has an application for each and every social media platform I wanted to use which I could integrate into a single Facebook timeline. However on timeline, the entries are very much autonomous and display too much detail and extraneous information. So I thought I would create my own streamlined version.

The obvious commonality across all social media is time; a simple concept bringing each social media together. Everything happens at a particular time and at a certain instance thus documenting your life in chunks. I have used this notion and pieced the chunks together to allow the user to see the whole picture of my social interaction: my pictures from Facebook, my tweets, my location from FourSquare etc etc

The aim of this being that if I wrote a tweet on Twitter regarding a place, instead of the location information in the tweet being enough, I would post a check in Foursquare too therefore building information on a second network. And if the opportunity at this place arose for me to take a picture, a third media such as Facebook would be used to increase the scope and detail of the social graph I was trying to create. Furthermore, if at this location I fed my coffee addiction I would log this within Fitbit. This could go on forever, but the main point is that each social network is individually growing and documenting a story of my life which I bring together into a single picture – a picture which now has more depth, more meaning and more detail about my life.

Maybe next time

I wondered what else I could do with this data other than the social graph it produces and I thought Experiment Two could be to create a trending/analysis engine for the information I have created. This might be just me, but how cool would be it be to go back to the social medias where I originally sourced the information from and see if I find out anything interesting, scary or shocking? For instance, I could mine from Flixster what rating each movie I watch I gave and from that determine what is the average rating I give for certain actors. I could then also mine from Fitbit how many films resulted in feeding my coffee habit and then find out if I listened to any music from the film's soundtrack. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be expecting a Nobel Prize for my work, but it would be a nice geeky outcome of using social media.